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History of Royal Rangers

Royal Rangers was originally formed in 1962 by Johny Barnes in USA. In 1981 the idea was presented to Germany and the following year the first training camp was held in Switzerland. Hans Peter Neka from Switzerland was elected as a Leader of the program in Europe. Today this program is used in many european countries, including Macedonia.

On the initiative of Jonathan and Valentina Vlaisavljevic from Skopje and with the help of Andrew Whitman, a US coach, the first meeting of the squad in Macedonia was held on November 29, 1999 in the Assembly of the City of Skopje.

The first training camp for leaders was held in May 2000 on Mount Skopska Crna Gora under the leadership of Hans Peter Neka.

Royal Rangers, as a rangers organization, differ from others based on Christian principles, ethics, and morals. It teaches young rangers on many practical and useful things, but also builds their character and moral standards

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Significant events:

  • 2001-2003: First National Commander, Sokrat Apostolovski

  • February 2001, Poland: Macedonia's first participation in the Euroleader Conference

  • July 2001, Macedonia: First summer camp in Pretor.

  • July 2003, Finland: First EuroCamp participation. 33 children and leaders took part.

  • July 2007, Norway: Second EuroCamp, with participation of 50 children and leaders.

  • July 2009, Albania: First participation in a regional camp in Albania.

  • July 2013, Macedonia: First summer camp "BALKANORAMA" organized in Macedonia. Rangers from several Balkan countries took part.


Empowering young people for the practical application of rangers skills that would help them in different spheres of their lives.

Balanced physical, mental, spiritual and social growth among young people.

Building a Christian system of values, morality and ethics in order to prepare and build a healthy society with strong moral standards and raised environmental awareness of the environment.

Our ranger motto is:
The Royal Ranger should always be ready!

The golden rule of the Royal Rangers is:
Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them


Training for working with a compass and a map for finding out the way in the forest and outdoors.

Each ranger in our squad has the opportunity to get training on how to properly use the compass and map. This skill is of exceptional importance when a person is out in nature.

Studying multiple ways of binding ropes (making knots).

The knots are the basic skill of a scout. With the help of the knots we raise and fix camps and tents when camping in nature. They can also be used in other situations.

Skills and ways of starting a fire.

When we are outdoors, away from sources of electricity, fire is essential to survival. Through our training we learn how to start a fire in a fast, simple and safe way.

Proper use of first aid.

We think that proper use of first aid should be mandatory not only for rangers, but for each individual. For this reason, we are investing efforts to train young people in order to be prepared to provide first aid in an accident.

Safe use of tools and their protection.

During our meetings, the rangers receive training for the proper and safe use of certain tools, such as: hoe, saw and axe. We are also trying to raise awareness of ecology. To this end, we offer them tools with which they would contribute to the care of nature.

All this is just a part of the Royal Rangers program, which is very interesting and useful for every boy and girl. But besides studying all these skills, it is also necessary for each ranger to grow and build up its character.

The activities are carried out under the supervision of professionals who have undergone special training and take the responsibility to care for the health and safety of children. They always have first aid kit and basic medical equipment, as well as a permanent telephone connection.


team group photo

Dime Nakov


Zvonko Micev


Mihail Kolev


Lenka Petrovska


Andreja Stefanovski


Zoran Kolev


Nade Stefanovska


Trajche and Tsvetanka Petrovi


Ile Kamchev


Gjorgji Simikj


Daniel Kostich


the royal rangers are dedicated to their members and maintains high standards during classes and camps. Leaders have undergone several training sessions on leadership and ranger skills so they are certified for training and running a rangers squad.

Royal Rangers squads in R. Macedonia


Dime Nakov: 075/248-538
9 members
Trajche Petrov: 075/211-444
22 members
20 members
Zvonko Micev: 078/330-344
18 members
Mile Dimovski: 078/331-396
6 members
Zoran Nikolov: 078/671-699
19 members